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How to avoid charity scams

Making sure your good will is in good hands

  • Grade Level: 11-12
  • Theme(s): Helping others


Virtual spending

Tips for keeping your family’s online shopping secure

  • Grade Level: K-2
  • Theme(s): Spending

Lesson Plan

Supermarket sweep

Students will participate in a comparison shopping exercise by researching the price of various food items using an Internet grocery store website and/or store flyers.

  • Grade Level: 7
  • Course(s)/Subject(s):

    Mathematics, grades 1–8 (2005)
    Health and Physical Education (2010)

Lesson Plan

The classroom store

This lesson teaches students how to calculate money amounts and make change by conducting simulated purchases through a classroom store activity.

  • Grade Level: 5
  • Course(s)/Subject(s):


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