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Lesson Plan

Assessing profit margins

When setting the price of a new product in the market, how can a business strike a balance between attracting consumers to buy its products and earning as much profit per unit as possible?

  • Grade Level: 10-12
  • Course(s)/Subject(s):

    MPM2D – Principles of Mathematics
    MCR3U – Functions
    MCF3M – Functions and Applications
    MBF3C – Foundations for College Mathematics
    MAP4C – Foundations for College Mathematics
    BDI3C – Entrepreneurship: The Venture
    BMI3C – Marketing: Goods, Services, Events

Lesson Plan

The classroom store

This lesson teaches students how to calculate money amounts and make change by conducting simulated purchases through a classroom store activity.

  • Grade Level: 5
  • Course(s)/Subject(s):


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