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Understanding the tax deductions on your pay stub

Quick facts on tax

  • Grade Level: 8-10
  • Theme(s): Earning


What to do if your child receives an inheritance

Tips for handling your child’s inheritance

  • Grade Level: K-2
  • Theme(s): Investing


Tips for passing over the tax baton

How to help them get on track with tax

  • Grade Level: 11-12
  • Theme(s): Planning & tracking

Lesson Plan

Tax the Rich? A Thought Experiment

Students explore opinions about taxation and distributive justice by participating in a thought experiment that involves examining two sides of the argument of taxing the rich based on
opposing readings.

  • Grade Level: 8
  • Course(s)/Subject(s):

    Language, grades 1–8 (2006)

Lesson Plan

What’s up doc? Health care in Canada

In Canada, universal health care is something many of us take for granted. Given these tough economic times, can we afford to maintain the system in its current form? This lesson explores the financial implications of health care spending through a tableau activity.

This is intended as an introduction to the issue of health care policy as it relates to financial literacy and should be followed by further study about the intricacies of social policy.

  • Grade Level: 10
  • Course(s)/Subject(s):

    CHV2O – Civics and Citizenship

Lesson Plan

HST derby

This lesson introduces the concept of retail sales tax through a race called HST Derby. During the race, students cooperate in teams to calculate HST on a variety of purchases.

  • Grade Level: 8
  • Course(s)/Subject(s):

    Mathematics, grades 1–8 (2005)

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